by F.I.P. Meccanica s.r.l.


logo FIP026Since 1990 the FIP MECCANICA S.R.L. company has worked in the fields of precision mechanics, mechanical machines, industrial automation and the metal carpentry. It is able to meet all the needs of companies operating in the mechanical industry: from cutting and bending metal, to welding, cutter-cnc turning and boring. Among its services there are the design and building of structures, machinery and equipment. It offers maintenance and industrial repairs, projects prototypes for several industrial applications, individual component or component in series.


Spiedomatic 01In addition, since 2002 the FIP MECCANICA S.R.L. has designed, manufactured and sold a special machine for cooking the typical skewers of Abruzzo, the “SPIEDOMATIC”. It is entirely made ​​of stainless steel. Perfect for food cooking, it has been approved. It is available in versions suitable for electricity supply, gas and GPL gas. The cooking of skewers is completely automated with a patented rotatory system.